Positive Thinking

The most popular and the most controversial phrase in today’s corporate world is “Positive Thinking”.

Let us assume for a moment,  someone who doesn’t know to swim at all is sinking in water. Few people are shouting from the bank of the river…..”Think Positive………Think Positive….you will soon start floating”, what would be the expected result ?  Another question in this case is , what is the very powerful “Positive Thinking” that has provoked the person to get into the river without knowing at all, how to swim. All of us know very well, such things happen in reality, unfortunately.

“Positive Thinking” is definitely not any “Fake” idea but a brilliant and powerful one on the contrary. This can be rather considered as the most powerful tool behind the propagation and development of human civilization.

Positive Thinking Influencers

Observing different facts, it seem to have some background, those generate “Positive Thinking” in human mind. Let us take a look and try to find out who are creating the background or influencing the positive thinking process.

Thought Provoking backdrop

Let us consider the invention of Steam Engine by James Watt. He was not the first person to do experiment with steam. The thought of boiling water to produce mechanical motion goes back over 2000 years, but unfortunately, early devices were not highly practical. The Spanish inventor Jerónimo de Ayanzy Beaumont obtained a patent for a rudimentary steam-powered water pump in 1606 (excerpts from history of steam engine). So there was a backdrop for James Watt’s work on 1781 that had created continuous rotary motion.


The basic ingredient that is comprising the “Positive Thinking” possibilities. Isn’t it true, one need to have an inclination towards STUDY of alphabets in any language before he/she can start writing a sentence ? We see lot of students who has fear from “Mathematics”. If we examine the root cause of this fear, we will find those students many time, not having adequate basic knowledge. Adequate basic knowledge will always attract confidence which lead to “Positive Thinking” also.

Knowing Pros & Cons of Own – Self Analysis

How ‘Positive Thinking’ can help a Legend player like Mr. Maradona if he is asked to sing a song to substitute Mr. Elvis Presley, one of the top ranking performer in the world. A good amount of self analysis can always protect us from over / under estimating our own abilities. That can lead us to bring confidence followed by Positive Thinking to take decisions for ourselves.

The Courage

Courage is the very basic energy that compel us to do some work for the first time in life. Just think about the day when we hold the steering of the training vehicle for the first time at our motor training school. If we don’t have the courage to initiate the learning process then it is never possible to learn driving. Isn’t it !!

Mind Power

It is like the wings of our mind those help us floating in the air around us which is full of obstacles. The Wings of Bird are used to put pressure on the Air that is on top of the bird, initially. But when the bird spread it’s Wings and start putting continuous pressure on the Air, the situation reverses itself. The Bird ride on top of the Air.

Adopting Techniques

First we go through the rigorous process of learning a vehicle driving, get a proof of successful completion of the motor driving training as a License and then only we can plan for a long drive. Now we have adopted the required driving techniques.

When we are going to drive on the high way, the “Positive Thinking” come in picture. If we had started to learn the driving on any high way on the very first day, how “Positive Thinking” could effect our life ! “Irrational Thinking” should not be promoted or confused with “Positive Thinking”. That will perhaps indulge “Negative Thinking” only.