The Moving Mirror

It was dawn. The SUN had just started showing its head from the back of the hilltop. The “Nature” itself was merged in painting a calm, cool morning on the Earth. Birds’ chirping was playing nostalgic morning melody to add background to the morning canvas around a big pond.

Two strangers came from the opposite sides of the pond from a nearby locality. None of them knew each other but could hardly see one another from a distance.

One of the strangers were a Monk.He came to the pond for a morning bath. As he looked at the other person he guessed him as another Monk. He was very happy to understand that other people also wake up such early in the morning and take a holy bath, freshen up their body and mind before starting to worship God.  

The other stranger was a Thief. He also came to the pond for a bath. As he looked at the Monk bathing on the other side , he had felt very happy. He started laughing in his mind thinking that the other person must also be a thief like him. After completing his thieving work throughout the night, came to take a bath before going back to home.

Perhaps this is a very common habit of all of us to see the world in our own way. We always perceive others to be as same as ourselves from all the aspects of life. Every time we want to see ourselves (our ego satisfactory thoughts and behaviors) in others. Till we observe the similarity between us and others, we continue to consider others as “my friend”. We withdraw all our normal logic, thoughts , empathetic behaviors from the other person as soon as he / she is found in a different way.Every time we prefer to feel, “I am the Winner”. This behavior can be recognized as “Narcissism”. If a thief wants others to exist like him, entire existence of social mankind will come under a big threat. On the contrary, if a Monk wants others to live like him, the world can live a joyful life with all spiritual qualities.

The query that comes now automatically in our mind is “How we can get rid of this negatively triggered Narcissism ! It is as easy as hard.We can understand how tough it is to judge oneself from a neutral point of view. We know about conventional methods like :

  1. Devoting oneself to GOD and pray (where we can not sure about our progress !)
  2. Taking help from a qualified psychologist (where initially our progress is measured by others)

In both the above cases “Patience” of a sufferer plays the most vital role to continue with the remedial measures. Nowadays people lose their patience very fast and miss the benefit of any good practice.

Oppositely we observe that most of the people like to be driven by their own “Realizations” for any serious events took place in their life. So if some of our realization can help us to trigger any good practice, that is always expected to be more sustainable. 

But why one should take help from GOD or a Psychologist at all in the first place if he / she is not aware of or convinced somehow about the presence of “Narcissism” like negative emotions within him/her? The identification is the crucial part of the solution because no one wants to lose their social dignity by confessing the negative emotions, they perhaps know, they hold. 

We need to find out some alternative to come out of the problem but mandatorily, after ensuring our social dignity. 

Though it may apparently look irrelevant and impossible but still let us take a look for a  “MIRROR” at this moment. Yes, a MIRROR. Surprised !!! Just for two minutes let us think about the advantages of a Mirror. We will unveil the following amazing facts about it :

  1. The Mirror is a typical inanimate that can talk with us a lot, with strict silence.
  2. A few minutes careful look at the mirror can dip us into introspection.
  3. Our image in the mirror tells us about all the good and bad things in ourselves when looking at it. At the same time, we enjoy the full security of “No Publicity” about our facts. So it works as a self recognizer or self identifier and also as an inanimate psychological counselor.
  4. It can be used as an effective tool for a self-based “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” as it can reveal us to ourselves from all corners of physique and mind. 

As it is explained, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), is a Psychotherapeutic, talk-based treatment procedure that can intervene in the human thoughts and feelings and then influence them to weave a fresh and moderate thought pattern in the Brain.This modified pattern of thoughts will determine human behaviors in a positive way. Many people take help of this effective treatment to come out of severe mental disorders like Phobia. Addiction, Anxiety Depression, etc.CBT is not only helpful for a person with psychic disorders but for today’s world it is a very powerful tool to a lion’s share of the population who wants relief from unbearable stresses in their mind. There are lot of self-help books and internet-based treatment those can help an individual to treat himself/herself with CBT. In many cases self-help CBT has shown very encouraging results.

After visualizing and identifying the flaws of oneself in the mirror it is possible for anyone to frame the required set of actions so that he/she can challenge their own limitations. Now we need to know the resources for alleviation of “Narcissism” like issues. 

It is not possible for an inanimate Mirror to provide us with any samples of ideas, information, interactions based feedback etc. which can help in framing a set of actions required actually. This is why we need to take help of “The Moving Mirrors”.

The word “Mirror” stands for “Reflection”. We see our behavioral reflections in our mother’s reactions during our childhood. In our young life we see the reflection of our deep emotions on the face and reactions of our beloved person when we get attached to each other under any emotional circumstances. We can easily realize the warmth of a congratulation due to appraisal, even when my boss inform me the same by email or by any such media.This is a reflection of my professional performance. In this way, reflection-based positive communications help us to build stronger and bolder relationships.

Our parents, our lovers, friends, relatives, colleagues are continuously playing the role of a living or “The Moving Mirror” as they are continuously contributing to my feedback process.They are coming up with a sample of ideas, interactions, source of information which helps us always to set our own way to make ourselves flawless.

Let us make repeated and endless use of The Moving Mirrors. This is the way going by which we can kill all the worldwide Wars before the Wars kill all of us and throw towards extinction.  

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