We are probably looking every time at a hazy profile of our own “Mind”. The haziness become obvious when we confuse ourselves to set an example of hardest punishment to a serious offender like a child-rapist, public money launderer, traitors who handover native military intelligence to the enemy countries etc. The world community is divided in many groups and can not resolve the debate, “Why a brute criminal won’t be hanged till death ?”

This endeavour is to realize and capture the parameters, those influence our “Mind” and our decisions also as a consequence. Our decisions are the only root cause for the existence of burning issues like Global Warming, Rape, Cheating, Money Laundering, Hatred and also for Doing Charity for Poors, Social Reforming and fighting against Prejudices, Developing Science & Technology and so forth and so on.

At time, don’t we really feel that such anti civilization and destructive powers must be uprooted from the earth !

This is the very time when we must realize our own ‘MIND’ in details so that we can contribute to drive the world to excel by influencing our ‘DECISIONS’.



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