Adhar_ContainerIn Indian language the word “ADHAR” means a Container or a POT. The POT has different classifications depending upon the item they hold. For example plain drinking water can be kept in any plastic made, steel made, thick paper made and any other type of pots. If the liquid is ‘Milk’ then perhaps Plastic made ‘Adhar’ won’t suit well. If the plastic container is a recycled one then we must avoid it for MILK like items because of chemical contamination possibilities. When we need to transport or contain melted iron having a temp. of 1400° to 1500 °C approx. , we need something like Wolfram (tungsten) that can withstand a temperature of around 3400° C easily. If we need to handle with normally concentrated acids like HCL or H2SO4 for education purpose then plastic coated glass bottle may be enough whereas for Hydrofluoric acid with very high concentration a Nickel or Teflon made container will be appropriate.

Dear Readers , by now you may be wondering to observe the discussion getting contained in “Containers” only. Actually a Container don’t only contain material in it but also contain different levels of qualities. Our today’s discussion is heading towards Human qualities and it’s excellence that can actually resolve burning issues of Human civilization where “HUMAN” itself is playing the roll of a container.

So we are trying to understand the most interesting container (Adhar) of the world called “HUMAN”. Human don’t only hold cake, pastry or other delicious foods in their hand or in their belly but also can hold huge energy in their mind. We have discussed already how different concentration of acid need different type of container or Adhar. It is very interesting to see the similarity with “Human”.  Stating from a Politician,Player,Professor to a Scientist, Businessman, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers even General people etc. every body has their own quality of Adhar to contain specific type of energy that energizes them to work successfully in their profession or to live their daily life.

Light , Sound, Chemical , Mechanical, Electrical etc. any type of energy tends to flow every time. The more energy gets radiated or dissipated the more the source of the energy lose it’s ability by draining out itself. A battery power decays slowly even when it is not connected to supply electricity to any device or load.

Only ‘HUMAN’ can be an exception of this fact and for achieving that we need to prepare ourselves
as the right “ADHAR” to hold the ultimate energy without any draining effect. That is called ‘Salvation’ and the ultimate achievement of Human life.

What is the ‘Way’ to become such an “ADHAR” ?

We will come to that detail also very soon.

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