Art Of Love Making

Robert and Lisa got married on some day three years back. Rahul and Lina had got married on the same day. Rahul & Lina were in love with each other since last fourteen years before they got married. Probably thousands of couples had got coupled to each other on the same day all over the world in different countries and communities. Everybody wanted blessing from the Almighty to make them happy throughout their life. If they all are accessed today, will be found as enjoying heavenly happiness in their married life ? The most important question is whether the couples are feeling the same degree of attraction to each other till today ? Whether Rahul still waits to gift the best item that Lina likes very much ? Does Lina also still waits to be gifted by the best gift of Rahul’s choice ? May be few couples among this group who got married on the same day had gone through Divorcing process within this three years.

Most probably the answer of all the above questions are “NO” as the Intensity of love has decayed over the period of time.

This fact is not only painful but also extremely surprising. Our mind want to know why such unfortunate things happen ? Can we stop this and just reverse the ‘Love Decaying’ process by “Love incrementing” process ? Is it possible at all.

In India there is a community called “BAUL”. They have the answer of this question.

Who are they ?

“BAUL” is a community who has two fold appearances. One is a Public or Crazy Singer appearance and another is Private or Sadhaka (spiritual practitioner) appearance. Mostly they are found in the state of West Bengal which is falling in the eastern part of India. Baul community is also available in India’s neighboring country, BANGLADESH.

As per the mentors of these “BAUL” or their prescribed lifestyle, holding the Semen in a man’s body, even after Love making is over, with his female partner, is the key secret of sustained love.

The easily it is said, the hard it is to practice but definitely NOT IMPOSSIBLE. We must never forget that origin of any Human-body energy is Sexual energy only. The more we can hold or gather it in ourselves the more Powerful / Energetic we will be. As per the rule of this universe either we will triumph over Sex or Sex will perish us. No third option is available. Unfortunately most of us are becoming a slave of Sex and as a consequence, creating all sort of dissatisfaction in our life.

If any of us want to practice this Mental Technology, we need to prepare ourselves with a sacred mindset, firm faith on the given instructions from the Guru (mentor) and a very simple lifestyle.

We will come up with further details if world community find the idea interesting and want to pursue the same.

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