Baul Sadhana

baul-vintage-rallyIt’s very similar to the play called Football.

The Striker in case of a Football game try always to score GOAL against his opponent team. A game can be own by the memorable performance of a specific day but what are required for a football-striker to win a series of games to ensure, winning a trophy or a tournament ! What all it take for a Striker to succed against the opponent teams Consistently.

If we get into the details of the making of a football star, which takes several years, we will probably observe the main parameters like :

  • Talent
  • Physical ability
  • Endurance
  • Knowing the power of Opponents
  • Following the instruction of the Coach with a submitted mindset
  • Realizing the field and it’s nature
  • Control on the football itself
  • Dribbling & Tackling ability to defeat the skills and power of the opponent players etc.

A SADHAKA (spiritual practitioner) needs to go through almost the similar parameters when they are in the ball-game of mind. The MIND has the huge power to construct or destruct a person depending upon how well or bad the person can control it. So the MIND is very similar to a football, the ultimate control on what will make the result of the game.

In a BAUL kind of SADHANA (spiritual practice) the Sadhaka need not have any Talent like a footballer because SADHANA is a fixed set of rules which needs to be practiced and be rewarded by the developmental stages of Mind control. It is very similar of industrial processing of manufacturing of steel from iron ore. After passing through every stage of the process the iron gain some extra qualities to become a stainless steel ultimately. The iron ore does not need any talent but a consistency and Endurance to continuously pass through different process instead of any conditional changes it experience.

The Sadhaka in case of Sadhana need to face lot of oppositions from our normal internal enemies like Lust, Anger, Greed, Infatuation etc. These leg-puller enemies strongly pull a Sadhaka on his back side, away from all sort of sacredness and salvation. The more a Sadhaka goes ahead in his/her Sadhana the strength of the back-pull increases. The Sadhaka needs to dribble & tackle all these back-pull. What is the way out ?

The Coach teaches the hidden tricks depending upon the quality of grasping knowledge and the type of skill of the footballer. Here also the GURU plays a vital role in development of the Sadhaka. In case of Sadhana, GURU is not only a Coach but also a Sailor who sails the life of his disciples towards salvation. The Sadhaka learns from their GURU how to cross the life-river, full of storm and risks of strong back-pull of internal enemies.

In the advance stage of Baul SADHANA a Sadhaka is supposed to get a Female partner (called Sadhan Sangini) to initiate the hardest hurdle crossing process. In this stage a Sadhaka lives his life as a conjugal life with his female partner, enjoy sexuality but without losing semen at all. The Female partner plays the role of the “FIELD” here.

Looks like hypocrisy ?

The Baul concept says our body is like a raw-soil made POT. Heat it up with the fire of Sex when the body-POT is containing sufficient quantity of semen (time of youth mainly). The body-POT slowly become burnt with the fire of sex and also become tanned enough to withstand the enormous heat of sexuality. The SEMEN within this typically tanned body-POT get thickened and lose it’s liquidity. The  control of a Sadhaka increases to hold it in the body-POT even after meeting with his female partner.

Not only this but a Baul Sadhaka needs to control his breath also to get himself prepared for success of such a conjugal-like life.

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