Brain Feed #2

Women TortureMutual attraction to the people of opposite sexuality is nothing new. The attraction had always indulged our Mind, Literature, Poetry, Art, Songs, Drama, Philosophy etc. to have a positive boost since very ancient time. We have always remained nostalgic to this attraction whenever it introduced a mind blowing “LOVE” relationship between the sexually opposite people.

Unfortunately during last couple of years Indian Society is experiencing an odour of this relationship. RAPE and it’s Brutality is playing the major role to destroy all it’s beauty.

Why this huge difference ! Where from the extra provocation is coming and spreading over the society ? Can we try to find out the Root Cause ?

We have protested several time on the streets and also at various forums. We have framed rules also to protect the women. Nothing mentionable has happened. How many times we have tried to find out the root cause or causes of this criminal attitude ? If we can not uproot the root cause or the causes of this brutal crime, this will increase it’s power everyday with a never ending attitude.

Please contribute your thought to find out the Root Cause(s)…….

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I am having keen interest to learn how mankind is driven for doing any activity. For example , how a person find the courage to work with terribly venomous snakes when majority of people can not even think of such activity. Is it any sort of Insight........which Rules such activity of this person ? Or something else.....That we can discuss with a deeper thought , sharing experience , idea , knowledge etc.

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