Chemical Robot


It is difficult to keep eyes away from a beautiful woman, It is an equivalent trouble to keep eyes attached to a ugly woman.

Who won’t like to listen to Beethoven one after another with a hot coffee ! Who would like to get a loud and massive chaos surrounding one’s place of stay , even for half an hour continuously.

The fragrance of a garden fresh flowers may hypnotize someone. On the contrary can we imagine the odour created by a canal filled with stagnant garbage and organic wastes !

Let us assume a situation like,

Someone of us are locked in a room where a pretty young lady is the caretaker serving coffee with a music of Beethoven. The room is having lot of garden fresh flowers around the corners. Unfortunately the doors and the windows of the rooms are not air-tight and the room is surrounded by a canal filled with stagnant garbage, dirty water and organic wastes.

Oh ! a really horrible experience. A rush of Hormones are bound to happen but without any control. The expected consequence is sickness or may be something unpredictable which is not natural. The uncontrolled secretion of different hormones from different gland will create a mesh of ‘feelings’ or ‘emotions’ , which our brain will not understand ultimately. It will be very much similar to a computer or a Robot failing to accomplish a regular job due to jumbled up input signals to it’s Central Processing Unit (CPU). We are the GOD made Chemical Robots who are driven by the logic of body chemistry.

The elements of our body chemistry are different hormones and their contribution to our blood stream. We perhaps now know, how important is to keep control on our hormones, how important is their ‘BALANCE’ for our healthy llife.

Is there really any way to keep the said BALANCE !!!


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