The Book of 'Everything You Need To Know.'Learning, Gathering Knowledge, Dispersion of attained Knowledge, Ability to Give Instruction, Enough Reading Habit, Hard Practice, Ability to Convince etc. Among the above mentioned words or group of words which is carrying the comprehensive meaning of “Education”.  If a person has acquired any one or all the attributes mentioned above, should he be considered as “EDUCATED” ?

Let us take a deeper look into the above mentioned attributes individually to understand their contribution towards ‘Education’ and ‘EDUCATED’.

  • Learning : This is basically a process of gathering information, techniques etc. It may or may not involve intelligence.  Example – Learning Type writing, Playing-Rules of any game.
  • Knowledge : Gathering or already having any study or work based knowledge is relatively more complex than ‘Learning’ but manageable by a minimum general level of intelligence. This process is similar to programming a computer for collecting on line data and preparing payroll for a company. Example : A person having Bachelors Degree of Science is having application oriented knowledge about scientific laws, reasons, explanations, procedures etc, studied in the academic courses.
  • Dispersion : Dispersion of Knowledge or Information is basically the flip side of the knowledge gaining skill. Example : This is similar to a Professor illustrating a topic in the class room. This is a specific work driven repetitive task. Many time a recorded program can produce the same result.
  • Instruction : Ability to give instruction is almost a prototype job with minimal variations which does not need any big skill. At time it is just a copy-paste kind of job. Example : The job of a factory Supervisor.
  • Reader : We see many people with very good reading habits with excellent memory. This habit may confirm good amount of input information but at many time, logical execution of those input information remain uncertain. Example : We see students studying for long hours everyday but can not make proportional result in exam.
  • Practice : Regular and hard practice can help us to learn and perform suitably for a prototype job. A technician is expected at a much better level of efficiency than a research worker because of his regular practice when there is an  issue with machine troubleshooting. This is also a skill has less relation with intelligence and mostly executing prototype jobs.
  • Convince : Ability to convince people definitely need higher level of intelligence but we can achieve a manageable level of this skill by learning and practicing negotiation techniques, domain knowledge on the subject etc. Example : A business deal. We must not forget a Computer can offer very hard competition to human grand masters in a ‘Chess’ game.


In today’s advance world of high end technology all above mentioned activities can be almost executed by an intelligent Robot. Even the complex work like Convincing or Negotiating with other people may also be possible by an advance Robot. In that case, can we call a Robot as “Educated” machine ? “Education” is a cluster of many divine attributes along with the parameters mentioned above, those involves extremely high level of intelligence. ‘Education’ is mightier than ‘Intelligence’. It can not be collected or gathered from any renowned academy but can be achieved only. “Education” is like the sharpening tool or processing mechanism required, for a stainless steel piece to get transformed to a Knife, Utensils, Heavy structure etc. Let us equate the situation as below :

A) If Human = Stainless Steel piece, Education = Sharpener Tool for the steel, and Educated = Knife then

Human + Education = Educated Person. So a ‘Knife’ can be produced only when stainless steel is transformed suitably from it’s state of an ingot.

Let us take another example,

B) If Human = Paper, Education = Paper cutting process to make different figures & Educated = paper-Knife then

We will produce a paper made Knife which is of no use. The paper knife don’t possess the required attributes to cut an apple. This is where the discussion gets connected to the discussion of “ADHAR” or “CONTAINER”.

We can discuss further upon the equation, and “ADHAR” also, sometime in future. To summarize now let us take help from one of our respected world leader’s quote :



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