Brain Feed #2

Mutual attraction to the people of opposite sexuality is nothing new. The attraction had always indulged our Mind, Literature, Poetry, Art, Songs, Drama, Philosophy etc. to have a positive boost since very ancient time. We have always remained nostalgic to this attraction whenever it introduced a mind blowing “LOVE” relationship between the sexually opposite people. …

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Learning, Gathering Knowledge, Dispersion of attained Knowledge, Ability to Give Instruction, Enough Reading Habit, Hard Practice, Ability to Convince etc. Among the above mentioned words or group of words which is carrying the comprehensive meaning of “Education”.  If a person has acquired any one or all the attributes mentioned above, should he be considered as …

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In Indian language the word “ADHAR” means a Container or a POT. The POT has different classifications depending upon the item they hold. For example plain drinking water can be kept in any plastic made, steel made, thick paper made and any other type of pots. If the liquid is ‘Milk’ then perhaps Plastic made …

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