Known Surprise

What are the most surprising within human behaviors or mindset which are actually and already well known ?

A living human never realize that one day he / she will have to die like others dying today . Every penny, beautiful wife, best friends and relatives, Childs, Big House, Cars that has created neighbors’ envy, Passionately made dresses, Ornaments of Gold / Platinum, the loving pets, all other properties etc. would be left back. How much logical is the struggle throughout our life for all such belongings ?

Hating others, create a fire of hatred on others mind. As because they are living in the same human society, the heat of the fire spread over in the social environment and touch back the originator also of that HATE. Should we really promote hatred, worldwide ?

Human forget about the disabilities of the old age. Many people laugh at the old persons’ gestures, get irritated by the sayings of an old person and don’t behave with the right care. Don’t we really know that, one day, we will also need to have caring youth to support us ?

People wants to grab all resources of earth starting from land to Love, money to majesty. If I grab everything then there will be nothing for others for their survival. For living our own life, Farmer, Cobbler, Barber, Labor, Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer etc. are mandatorily required. In that case, how the resources of the earth should be distributed. Should we think for another time from the deepest feeling of our heart ?

Each of us has our own limit of taking food and drinks with respect to the physical labor we put together in a day. How many of us measure the quantity regularly and maintain the same as per our body need. As most of us don’t do so, many of us we suffer from indigestion, obesity, heart disease etc. This is the time to decide whether we should take food to live a healthy life or we should leave our life only for the sake of taking food and drinks of our choice. Let us forget of the rest of the world but are we careful for ourselves ?

We know everything described above but we prefer to ignore all of them mostly. When everything is known along with it’s results we want to remain careless. Isn’t it a Surprise………A Known Surprise !