Man vs Missile

vector illustration of unhappy businessman with rocket crashing…

Hi Friends !

Today India has fired an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) to a secret target for testing purpose. Unfortunately the control mechanism of the particular ICBM is malfunctioning and has created the danger of landing upon any of India’s friends or foes country. The whole planet is under countdown to observe a disaster.

No… friends. No need to cross check the news in Internet or through your Television set as it is a fake news. Please don’t leave this article as we are going to observe a much more devastating fact which is certainly not a fake one.

If we just spend few seconds to compare the ‘Mankind’ with an ‘ICBM’ what will be revealed. Very easily we can realize the superiority of Mankind , considering the power of immense Intelligence , Intuition & Inquisitiveness. These three ‘I’s had always been the ‘EYE’ opener behind any inspiration to the success of ‘Mankind’. Unlike a limited power Missiles, ‘Mankind’ is versatile , unstoppable. Is there any control mechanism that has influence on the activities of ‘Mankind’ at all ??? If ‘Yes’ then how exactly it influence the sensible parameters of human mind ?

I am not sure whether the answer is ‘CULTURE’ or not, that build us from childhood. I am in search.

Friends , can you please join me to find out the answer , with your valuable thoughts , experience , knowledge and wisdom.



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