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At the end of the Magic show I asked the famous Magician, “Sir what was you uttering repeatedly…. like….”hocus-pocus” during your show ? What does it mean actually and I also could not understand it’s use in your entire show. The Magician told me with a smile, “I also don’t know. It is just to make, you people believe, that I am uttering some MANTRA and that is ultimately turning the foot ball to a flying bird on the stage. Hope you all believed that and enjoyed my show !” – the magician said. I wondered at him and said ‘So all it was to influence us to believe what you wanted us to believe ?’ The magician just patted on my back with a very meaningful smile.

As known the earliest mantras were composed in vedic Sanskrit by the priests of ‘Hindu’ religion in India, and are at least 3000 years old. Mantras are now exist and practiced also in various schools of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. In Japanese ‘Shingon’ tradition, the word Shingon means Mantra. Hymns, Chants, Compositions, and Concepts are found in use in Taoism, Christianity, etc.

Perhaps there is no proper definition , that can perfectly explain the Shakti (Power) or actual meaning of “MANTRA”. Basically “MANTRA” is derived from two root ‘Sanskrit’ language words i.e; ‘MAN’ that mean ‘Mind’ and ‘TRA’ which mean Tool or Instrument. To say simply “MANTRA” is something that can condition or influence the mind with the help of some tools or instrument. Majorly the tool or the instrument is nothing but some word or group of words delivered with a pure mindset.

It looks like that “MANTRA” is some very simple sort of vocabulary with or without any tune and any literal meaning, which, when uttered by it’s practitioner in a right mental state and from the heart, can do miracles. Worldwide the worshipers of different communities very seriously practice the use of “MANTRA” during their worship. It is also heard the people who knows Black Magic also make uses of “MANTRA”.

So we find FOUR basic parameters of a “MANTRA” as given below :

  • It is a sort of vocabulary
  • It may or may not have some meaning
  • It may or may not have a typical tune along with the vocabulary & most importantly
  • To get the intended action executed perfectly, the “Right Mindset” is invariably required.

There are lot of controversies with real existence or effect of MANTRAs used during worship etc. Many people don’t find it’s utility at all as it doesn’t leave any tangible or measurable effect on anything, practically. Let the debate remain on. We would look at some phenomenon of our real life by this time and observe the existence of above parameters among them.

  1. A Mother is saying some coded kind of words to her just few-days-born baby with a typical tune and the baby is cooling down gradually from crying. The mother is also feeling extremely happy to get her child like this on her lap. The words uttered by the mother has some sounds only with no meaning at all. So ‘Literal Meaning’ isn’t very
  2. Just think of the situation – Your lover is saying for the first time in your life, with a tender voice “Dear I love you”. What you felt ! An electric shock with full of happiness ? On the contrary, if your mother would have said the same thing, your happiness would have been different. It is because, due to different relationship, the purity of sensations transmitted to you are different. So Purity and Sensation transmission is very much influential in such mind based communication.
  3. A Boss to his subordinate – “ Congrats Dear, You are promoted to the next designation from tomorrow. Enjoy your time.” The purity of the Glaze and the Energy in such dialogue will always ignite the subordinate to perform better. Let us realize the power of the words with the right mindset
  4. A dacoit to a train passenger with a revolver in hand – “Give me immediately whatever you have.” The seriousness of the fear is not much in the dialogue here but mostly in the attitude expressed from the dacoit’s

In all the above cases we found some sounds or words came out from the speaker’s mouth with extreme passion and we have also felt the sensations accordingly with the actions in the same line. The billion dollar question is, “Are these words or sentences carry any effect of “MANTRA” ??? If ‘YES’ then let us stop the debate and start believing on “Mantra Shakti”. If your answer is ‘NO’ then try to find out the difference between ‘MANTRA’ and the above mentioned four facts.








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