Mind Freshner




Major Gen : Are you brave enough to join Military service ?

Young Man : Certainly, Sir. That’s why I have come to join your Army.

Major Gen : Ok. Are you ready now for an exam. to prove your bravery ?

Young Man : Why not, Sir.

Major Gen : For example if you lose one of your ear during face to face war with the enemy, will you retreat from the battle field ?

Young Man : No problem, Sir. I can still hear with my other ear and can continue my fight.

Major Gen : Hmm…..very good.  Just imagine, if you lose both of your ears,………then !

Young Man :  Immediately, I will escape from the battle.

Major Gen : (broke into laugh loudly) Why ? Is it because you won’t be able to listen your girl friend any more ?

Young Man : Not at all, Sir.

Major Gen : Then !!!

Young Man : (humbly) Sir, I won’t be able to VIEW or SEE anything and that’s the reason.

Major Gen : (with surprise & anger) What ! Are you joking with me ?

Young Man : Not at all. surely I won’t be able to SEE anything, Sir.

Major Gen : (very angry) I have asked you about losing both of your ears and not any of your eyes,…Idiot. Now give me the right answer.

Young Man : Sir, please believe me. I won’t be able to SEE at all.

Major Gen : (extremely angry & shouting) Either give me the right answer or be prepared for punishment as per our Army rule.

Young Man : (with trembling voice) Sir, please try to understand my problem.

Major Gen : (stood up from the chair in anger) And what is that ?

Young Man : Sir, if I lose both of my ears, the heavy, circular, metal cap will slip downward to cover both of my Eyes…and so…..

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