Mind Hole

Why people of different religions believe in “Mortification ” , when it only deteriorate the taste of a normal human life !!!

If water at a strong pressure of “P” kg/ is allowed to pass through a pipe, the same quantity of water with almost same pressure will reach the other end of the pipe. A sufficiently strong water pressure can lift an adult human body just like a Feather. Wow ! how powerful is a water flow at a high pressure. The following video can explain the fact better.

On the other way if the same quantity of water with the same strong “P” kg/ of pressure is allowed to run through the same pipe but with lot of perforation on it, this time………………..what is expected to happen ?

Undoubtedly less amount of water , as compared to the previous condition, will reach the other end of the pipe. But………………………………

where is the mystery ???

Yes, as we all can easily understand, it happens due to extra exit points or holes available on the pipe. The bigger is the number and size of holes on the pipe the less amount of water and it’s pressure can be transmitted to the other end. On the other way we can say, the less is the number of holes or exit points or distractions available on the pipe the more quantity and pressure of water can be transmitted to the other end.

Human MIND also has resemblance with such water pipe. Every single passions are like water and various windows of desires in mind are similar to each holes on the pipe. Passions are running at a very high pressure (energy) through this mind-pipe, continuously. These windows perform very well in dissipating our mental energy to satisfy various temptations like lust, envy, greediness etc. around us. As a consequence we lose the focus on our targets ( e.g; religious, professional, social) of life. They get distracted and vanished ultimately.

So how to get rid off such a strong distracting power ?

The simple answer “Close the windows of desire” is followed by another question, “How to close” ?

We need to practice to disconnect the self from all mundane activities those lead us in fulfilling various temptations.

An introvert mind don’t have multiple outlets or exit points and so it can hold and carry all of it’s passions ahead. The more we will be concerned to the spiritual growth of our won soul, the more we will find ourselves disconnected from the mundane activities.

This is like withdrawing the self from easily available enjoyments of human life. This is also similar to punish the self by imposing restriction to avail all comforts of life.

With more and more control on disconnecting our desires, we basically start transforming our mind to a introvert state. We pave the way of our own spiritual development.

The process of this route making for spiritual development is called Mortification.

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