Mind Ranger


Many of our brave soldiers fight till death to save their own country

Many of the Politicians fight till death to save their own interests

Some people enjoy to rape a woman brutally

Some social reformer devoted their life to save the respect of women from social animals

We don’t like to bribe – when to give it

We don’t like to refuse a bribe – when to receive it

Why so much of contradictions ! Can it be governed to ensure welfare of human civilization !

There are dangerous wolf, decorated-horn deer, colorful birds, lovely river bank, flowers with hypnotic fragrance and so many living or non-living things that make a Forest. Perhaps Love, Happiness, Violence, Hatred, Envy, Kindness and many other feelings, create a forest of various emotions in human mind. A forest Ranger acts as a custodian,  patron and caretaker who takes care to balance, the beauty and the coexistence of everything in the forest.

Whether a Mind-Ranger is required for human mind also !

Is there any ruler or administrator to govern human insight !!!


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