Opposite to Complement

Positive & Negative“Positive” and “Negative” entities are opposite or complementary !!!

I want to say “Sorry” to everybody for asking such a stupid question. “Positive” and “Negative” entities are undoubtedly opposite in their nature of working or expressions but in no way it can relate to their complementary role for each other. In any of the events similar as mentioned below, coexistence of such opposite entity is incredibly a requirement. Let us  :

  • Consider the most beautiful relations of a Man & a Woman in the form of Boy and Girl friends, Husband-Wife, Mother-Boy child, Father-Girl child etc. Both the kind of human relations are sexually opposite but nothing other than complementary relationships since the time of Adam & Eve.
  • Consider that any one of the “North” & “South” poles are not available in the magnet. We will have no way but to forget about creation of Consequence………no need to explain.
  • Consider an electric lamp or fan circuit having any one polarity. Either Positive or Negative. Result is known to us, Neither the lamp will glow nor the fan will rotate.
  • Take a note that the most prominent contrast of colors are made up by black and white only.

I don’t know how many “Tons” of wisdom made one great scientist like Sir Isaac Newton but certainly one stupid or apparently irrelevant question like “why apple is falling down to ground from the tree”, made a revolution in scientific advancement, we all know that story. Forget about “Tons” when I am not even  having a milligram of wisdom, tried to make use of a stupid question for the sake of realizing the  relationship between “Positive” & “Negative” or Opposite entities in terms of their complementary functionalities for each other.

One can ask me why this realization was felt so important to attract a discussion or debate ?

Friends, nowadays almost all of us are experiencing the exposure of “Hatred” between Religious, Political, Racial groups, across the globe. As I perceived, the root cause, fueling this dangerously negative emotion is, some people among us are thinking their own “MYTH” as to be the positive or the best and at the same time considering others “MYTH” as to be the negative or the worst.

I will feel grateful if this article contributes, even very little, in creating at least more balance between opposite entities like “Positive “ and “Negative” or “Best” and “Worst” etc. to save the entity of our planet.


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