Profit maker Loss

Risk - Profit and LossWho will be the volunteer to enjoy making losses throughout the life ?

Answer is very much known and it is “None”.

We all live in a professional world. To live our life in a healthy way we want only to inhale the oxygen of Profit and exhale the carbon dioxide of Loss. So there is no question of accepting any “Loss” at all, even for a moment. So how to deal with the loss.

The glass-made cup was full of tea. I was receiving the cup from the hand of the Shopkeeper. Unfortunately I missed to hold the cup properly. It fell down on the floor and got broken into pieces, splashing over some tea on my clothing. The shopkeeper wondered at me and I was extremely embarrassed. I was just waiting for a fire from the young shopkeeper for my negligence.

The surprise was waiting for me and unveiled itself in few seconds. The shopkeeper extended his hand of cooperation with a pot, full of water and asked me humbly, “Don’t worry Sir, such things happen sometime. Please take this pot and wash the splashed tea from your clothing.” By the time I have cleaned my clothing he made a fresh tea again and gave it to me in a glass-made cup. This was the time, I wondered at him and asked with lot of shame,‘Can you please give me this tea in some paper-made cup!’ The jubilant shopkeeper replied with a smile, ‘Sir, I don’t use paper-made cups as I don’t manufacture them and so I can not control the contamination level with them. I wash my glass-made cups with hot water in my own hand after each use and confirm the cleanliness & hygiene to my respected customers. Don’t worry Sir and enjoy the tea. I am sure this time the accident will not repeat.’ I don’t know how he was so confident about me but this is true, I found myself confident this time to hold the cup, perhaps by the warmth of his cordiality.

The last interactions between us was more crazy. I opened my wallet to make the payment and asked him to claim the total amount. He had claimed only five rupees (INR) which is the cost of only one tea. I was again surprised and told him, ‘You served me two cup of tea and one cup got destroyed with it’s tea inside. Why you did not include the price of one cup of tea with the price of the cup ?’ He replied, ‘Yes, this time I could penalize you to compensate my loss but whom I should penalize if the same accident would have happened with myself ?’ I requested him again to take the money for the broken cup and the tea inside it but he humbly refused.

The tea shop is 50 km away from my residence. I don’t know why I can not miss the chance to have a cup of tea from that shopkeeper, whenever I go anywhere nearby that place. Every time I spend some money, the young shopkeeper make a profit. Surprisingly I also don’t know why I find pleasure to make a profit for him.

Most inspiring thing in the above fact for me is, the recurring Profit of the shopkeeper every time was a consequence of his acceptance of that initial loss.

If we all, start losing to our loving relations, like the shopkeeper, will it be a profit-making-loss ???



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