Reversing the Path

lightning-2617904__340We had learnt during our school going days , if E = Energy Stored in an Object, m = Mass of the object, g = Gravitational force on that object and h = Height of the object from the earth then we can easily calculate the Energy (E) stored within the object, at that height, by the formula E = mgh. More is the value of m or g (this is a constant being the value of gravitational force) or h more will be the value of the stored energy in that particular object.

To say simply, let us consider, an elevator (of mass=M and height=H) staying at first floor is holding an energy of “X” amount. If the same elevator is pulled at the height of second floor (where height=2H) it will hold “2X” amount of energy. This will happen because of double height of the elevator from the earth.

So the more an object move against (reverse movement) the powerful gravitational force, the more energy it can gain within itself.

Can we make use of any similar formula to realize our own Spiritual Energy ! Let us put an effort …….

If S stands for spiritual energy, D = Determination to Reverse the direction of our sexual energy,   L = the Lust which is apparently unavoidable and immensely powerful force like gravitation and P = The potential of mental  level then in this case let the formula be S = DLP. So to say simply , if one can attain a good potential of mental level to reverse the direction of his / her lustful mind-power then a huge energy start to gather within the soul, called spiritual Energy. All mind development processes like Meditation etc. just help us to execute the formula, S=DLP.

We can realize very easily how the mechanical energy of a Turbine movement get transformed to electrical power during power generation process. In the same way we can try to transform our sexual energy from the form of it’s lustful appetite to Spiritual Energy.

When the SEX leaves it’s lustful roles to play from our life then the same SEX can be used as a tool to act upon divine activities like Love which attracts and influences the entire living entities on the earth irrespective of gender, community, type or class of the living things.

Perhaps many of us has seen unsuccessful relations between couples whose relation was initiated from a conventional LOVE that was triggered by a Lustful appetite.

When the LUST can not last with Sex, can we call it a Platonic Love ???

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