The Coded Songs

BAULWe know about the Codes, those form the ‘Notation’ of any song. These notations helps us to document the tune and other parameters of a song perfectly so that anyone can sing the song or play it with any musical instruments.

Surprising ! There are artists who sing the songs with full of codes or with a second meaning. This second meaning are not described in simple language in the song though colloquial words are used. These words are inspired by two things mainly. One is the very old native (village based) Bengali language and the second one is Deho-tattyo (theory of mechanism & chemistry of human body). The word “Deho” means “body” and the word “ Tattyo” means “Theory”. The songs seem to be very much coded and so enigmatic in nature. Who sing these songs ? They are the crazy “BAUL” of Bengal.

The ‘BAUL’ songs fall in the category of Folk Songs but due to it’s own specialties it stood out of the crowd of other folk styles of songs and presentations. These songs are not only backed up by their ecstatic thoughts but also carry a philosophy that mix up and bridges the gap of various different popular philosophies, spread worldwide. The BAUL philosophy travelled a huge time-road of several hundreds years. During the travel it had to come across, withstand, evolve, strengthen and survive it’s own specialties under every circumstances. They came across Hinduism, Muslimism, Buddhism, Vaisnavism etc. at different historical time-zone travel of their community. It is really again surprising how they survived when we see many great human civilization like Indus valley civilization have just got abolished with time.

Some people think that the dedication and devotion to the almighty saved them from all odds when somebody believe that it is their love for human of all communities which gave them the ability to survive. Finally BAUL community revealed themselves as a practitioner of secular culture with no specific belief in The God, The Allah or The Bhagwan but with the strongest belief in the Almighty, the Supreme Power, who resides within the Human Body, as they feel. So every time they madly search for the Supreme Power within themselves. They sing songs and dance crazily to ejaculate the volcanic emotion, devotion and love for the Almighty. They remain careful every time for the chastity of their thoughts and body as a consequence.

The lifestyles of a BAUL is secret and sacred at the same time. “Deho-tattyo” is the inspiration for them. Every moment they strive to destroy the darkness of sexuality with the help of the weapon, called “Sexuality”.

Yes, it is Surprising but the Reality also

Let us keep our mind open to learn the mechanism and practice also the same if possible.

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